Hip Hop Beyond Boundaries

We believe that Hip Hop transcends music and art.  Hip Hop is a culture that many of us live and a lens by which many make sense of their surroundings.  At its foundational root, Hip Hop is the voice of oppressed and marginalized youth of the United States.  In its current form, Hip Hop is global and has become the voice and expression of entire generations from all over the planet.  While we acknowledge the appropriation and perversion of our culture by media and pop culture, the commoditization of the element of rap by the music industry, and the disregard for the less profitable artistic elements by many, we see the glass full at all times.  Hip Hop can and is used to uplift, educate, and inform in its most authentic form.  This is why the HopeDealersGR exist.  We seek to advance authentic Hip Hop and share the ways in which our culture is used to build rather than destroy.

We salute our very own HipHopologist, brother Kendrick Cummings AKA 88

88 is arguably Grand Rapids' most dedicated Hip Hop advocate.  He serves the youth of Lighthouse Academy/Wedgwood Christian Services and supports authentic Hip Hop everywhere.  We love you brother!